Forensics Services

With the advancement in cyber technology, the unethical cyber experts are continuously trying to hamper the cyber world. The adverse effects range from corporates to its customers. The goodwill of any organization is immediately thrashed as soon as the news of any cyber incident spreads out. Consider the case of recent iCloud hacking. When such giants of cyber world have faced an awkwardness, what about small and big organizations whose corporate image and crucial data is everything to them. For this purpose computer forensics are used as they help in tracking the criminal. Thus, the computer forensics has become vital in the corporate world. Computer forensic investigation techniques are not only useful for solving cybercrimes such as computer hacking but they also have helped to solve other crimes like cyber terrorism, organized cybercrime, tax evasion, extortion, robbery cases and Corporate crimes like Sharing Client Information and Sharing Company Asset Information with outsiders.

CCFIS can help corporates in developing in-house forensic capability to deal with level 1 forensic cases. We also help in setting up forensic processes and policies within the organization.

We also have capability to deliver our forensic services remotely over the incidence site, because in many cases, organizations hesitate in sending their data out of their premises.

CCFIS deals into other various services of forensics. These are:
  • Mobile Forensics:
  • Many notable crimes including criminal as well as corporate, require Mobile media investigation. Using most famous Commercial tools and deep analysis process we at CCFIS have solved various such cases. We have a capability of dealing level 1 Forensics Cases and have a high success ratio so far.

  • Data Recovery:
  • About small and big organizations whose corporate image and crucial data is everything to them, incidents that tampers/corrupts the Data backup to the company or client requires critical Data Recovery services. At CCFIS, we deal with high profile HDD, memory cards etc. recovery cases including Logical & Physical damages to the media.

  • Email Investigation:
  • Email Investigation applies to the scenarios like Threatening Email, Embarrassing/ Blackmailing Mail received by a victim. The victim may be individual or a corporate. Deep analysis and study into such mails reveal useful information about the culprit which may be presented as evidences in the court of Law. CCFIS provides with such services as well.