CyberGen program is specially designed for the ones who are connected to cyber world from their home and offices. The main objective of this program is to aware attendees about cyber threats that we face in day to day life. Through this program you will learn how to safely use the internet and how not to be a victim of cyber-attacks.

Target Audience

CyberGen training program is for common citizens, students, software developers, IT professionals and everyone who is using connected to internet anyhow. We should understand and realize the importance of protecting the valuable digital information that we exchange in our day to day life.


Our mission is to secure nations' IT infrastructure by providing world class security and forensic support with continuous research and training to our client.


Our world is a world free of cyber crime.

Why CCFIS training?

We do research on cyber threats and try to deliver contents so that common internet users can experience a safe web. Our trainers are well qualified and experienced in delivering professional security services. We have been conducting training at educational institutions, MNCs, government agencies, law enforcement agencies, etc. We are a team of industry experts, ethical hackers, digital forensics experts, security experts, malware analysts, and behavioral analysts.

Exam Video